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The Liberation of Wi-Fi

November 6

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As you know, OHS has opened up the School’s public Wi-Fi. Oh yeah, and it will be on 24/7 for the rest of the school year! yet the question has repeatedly been, does this affect students attention in class? Social studies teacher,...

OHS gets an F in Lunch

Britnie Monaghan, Writer

October 28

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“Is this seat taken?” This is one of the many questions OHS students are asking during lunch. “There isn't enough room for everyone to sit; some people sit on the ground or outside,” states Junior Victoria Porraz. There is no deny...

Future Juniors Smack down SBAC

Kat Graf, Staff Writer

June 4

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Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium: What’s the point of it all? Why do we need to take it? How is it going to benefit us in the future? These have all been questions of parents and students alike. Its been quite alarming...

Implementing HONORS GATES

Erin SnodGrass, Editor in Chief

June 3

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Unbeknownst to many of the numerous current AP students at Olympia, there was a time, not too long ago, when AP classes were only open a top percentage of students. The lengthy and competitive application process included an essay,...

OHS Juniors Opt Out

Sarah Blue, Lucas Schaefer, Editor in Chief, Staff Writer

May 27

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A gigantic 79% of OHS Juniors opted out of the SBAC testing this month! Roughly the same percentage of Juniors opted out at Capital High. Since the SBAC is not a graduation requirement for the class of 2016, most Juniors felt...

Falling Asleep in Class

Aldo Barajas, Staff Writer

April 17

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There’s always that one guy in first period who, just as the teacher begins the new lecture, starts to lay their head on their makeshift, wadded sweatshirt pillow and doze off. The National Sleep Foundation has conducted many...

School on the Weekends?!

Leo Brine, Staff Writer

March 16

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  Although it may be the weekend and school is out this doesn't mean you can't learn some new skills at the school. That’s right while you’re at home playing video games or hanging out with friends there is a group...

Killing Columbus Day

Emily Hadley, Staff Writer

November 14

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  He was revered as a hero. A saint. He was the man who discovered America… until he wasn’t. When Columbus was exposed to be a slave owner and possible murderer it caused masses of people in the current generations...

Cookie Crisis

George Wing, Staff Writer

October 29

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All your favorites are gone. Junk food. Sweet food. Tasty food. Good food. Hope eating healthy is enjoyable, because that’s all that will be served at lunch now due to the changes that occurred during the summer. The Student...

Student news of Olympia High School