An Exercise in Superficiality

Duncan Noah, Writer

February 13, 2013

Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14th every year in many countries throughout the world.  It is celebrated by giving loved ones chocolates, flowers, jewelry, and other gifts with cards signed “from your Valen...

Downtown Olympia: 0.003% Chance You Will be Murdered

Andrea Verschuyl, Layout Editor

February 12, 2013

You're walking down the street at dusk. The cold, humid, 90% precipitation weather is draping itself over you like your Grandmother's hugs: cold, clammy, and reminiscent of death. As the sun goes down, Olympia undergoes a transformation....

City Bus vs. The School Bus

Dominique McNeil, Writer

February 8, 2013

Twenty students, packed like sardines on a city bus for a bumpy ride down Capitol Boulevard. In contrast the yellow school buses take the longer route to Olympia High School, and require students to sit in assigned seats, some...

People Like Cupcakes, and Bears do too

Kaleb Zerger, Writer

February 7, 2013

Bonjour cupcakes Although it may be the most known, with no question it’s one of the worst. Located right off capital way, directly across from Sylvester Park, Bonjour cupcakes is a very visually appealing little shop with a ...

When the Price Isn’t Right

Josh Goche, Writer

February 6, 2013

Rising prices of food and other goods have been felt now by more than just student’s parents but by the students of OHS themselves. Now when the school decided to reduce the sizes of muffins sold at lunches and break, students...

The Nation-Wide Law is Put Into Action

Esther Choi, Writer

February 6, 2013

Remember the days when students had the right the right to choose whatever they wanted to eat for hot lunch? The tables have turned, and students at Olympia High School are asked to grab a fruit, salad, and milk if they have...

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