Lucas Schaefer

November 26, 2014

Hey, my name is Lucas Schaefer and I’m a junior. I’m a huge fan of cartoons and film and I love the whole filmmaking process as well as writing short stories and screenplays. As happy as I am to be attending a class about...

Satire: Survival Guide to Shopping on Thanksgiving

James Colasurdo, Online Editor

November 26, 2014

  “BUY MORE STUFF! BUY MORE STUFF! BUY MORE STUFF!” the voices in your head triumphantly chant to your brain. It’s Thanksgiving evening. Your body is full of turkey and a bevy of other delightful food assortments....

Bearzaar is Back!

Leo Brine, staff writer

November 20, 2014

The last month has been a time to start your Christmas shopping, and where better than the Bearzaar. Now BEAR with me here; I know some students feel its more of a little kid / 55 year old thing. But that's BEARly what its actually...

Lady Bears Dove into Post-Season Play!

James Colasurdo, Online Editor

November 18, 2014

The announcer's voice calmly booms from the speaker, the Olympia High School Girls swimmers take their places on the diving board, the beeping countdown of the clock begins, the whistle blows and... “WHOOSH!” their bodies...

Female Fall Guide

November 14, 2014

Hall of Fame Campaigning Catastrophe

Haley Sund, Staff Writer

November 14, 2014

“Guys, everyone vote me best hair!”  What legacy will you leave behind? Are you the best dressed, most adventurous, or perhaps the most likely to succeed? This year the number of people jumping up and down yelling, “Pick...

Killing Columbus Day

Emily Hadley, Staff Writer

November 14, 2014

  He was revered as a hero. A saint. He was the man who discovered America… until he wasn’t. When Columbus was exposed to be a slave owner and possible murderer it caused masses of people in the current generations...

Magic:The Gathering

Erin Snodgrass, Staff Writer

November 4, 2014

Sorceries, and enchantments, and spells, oh my! Every week in room 107, the self-proclaimed nerds gather to duel and battle each other in the legendary game of Magic: The Gathering. The trading card game, that boasts approximately...

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