Eat O-Town’s Beef

Zale Noah, Staff Writer

May 28, 2015

There are few things in this world I truly love. Cats, horses, whales (most non-humans), drawing, and indefatigable wordiness. But few compare to my love for hamburgers. Nearly its own food group, hamburgers have taken on a plethora...

Rugby Rebels

Kat Graf, Staff Writer

May 27, 2015

Want to participate in a sport and not have to pay OSD fees nor have to get any physicals?  Then playing in a local “club” sport such as rugby is for you.  Rugby is a very popular, full club sport that is not run by the...

Grads: $160 and No Phones

Gabi Capestany, Editor in Chief

May 27, 2015

According to an anonymous source, OHS seniors are going to a casino. Yet the whopping $160 each student pays for this night is not for gambling, as only fake money is used for this Grad Night venue. And, thanks to searches conducted...

SOS: Save Our Snacks

Lucas Schaefer, Staff Writer

May 27, 2015

Attention snackers, loiterers, kids-without-lunch, and anyone who eats those nasty little cereal bar things, OHS’ beloved semi-nutritious and semi-tasty snacks may be in jeopardy! Earlier this month, rumors that the illustrious...

Music Festival Fun

Astrid Hoover-Batt, Staff Writer

May 27, 2015

“I just wanna see Kendrick” says Senior Alison Wyckoff. Sasquatch--the four day music festival that takes place a few hours away at the famous plot of land The Gorge. Tickets went on sale February 7th at 10am and the mad dash...

Computer Science as a Language? Nope.

Erin SnodGrass, Staff Writer

May 27, 2015

Languages are important. Las lenguas son importantes. Les langues sont importantes. Sprachen sind wichtig. This is the message that foreign language teachers were suddenly feeling the urgency to make clear about two months ago....

OHS Juniors Opt Out

Sarah Blue, Lucas Schaefer, Editor in Chief, Staff Writer

May 27, 2015

A gigantic 79% of OHS Juniors opted out of the SBAC testing this month! Roughly the same percentage of Juniors opted out at Capital High. Since the SBAC is not a graduation requirement for the class of 2016, most Juniors felt...

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