Beauty and the Beast

Chelsea Norman

Chelsea Norman

There are three chances left to see OHS’s spring musical Beauty and the Beast. The remaining performances are May 10, 11, and 12 at 7 pm, and students may buy tickets at the box office during lunch or before the show.

If you are looking for entertainment with copious amounts of glitter, tons of delightful musical numbers, and all of the other attributes that typically associated with musical theatre, Beauty and the Beast is the perfect event to attend this weekend.

Beauty and the Beast tells the story of a beautiful, young girl (played by junior Ericka Franks) and a beastly looking prince (played by senior Peter Lindgren) who meet under the most unfortunate of circumstances, but somehow end up falling in love in the end. They are supported by enchanted objects like the candelabra, Lumiere (played by junior Nick Main), a clock (played by junior Nick Rawson), magical teapots, Mrs. Potts and Chip (played by sophomore Meagan Mulcahy and Molly Anders). Providing even more entertainment, the characters are joined by sparkly and colorful enchanted objects, such as silverware and napkins.

If you love jazzy displays (or even if you don’t), Beauty and the Beast will entertain, with talented actors, dancers, and musicians who have been rehearsing for the past three months. You don’t want to miss all of the talent and fun that Beauty and the Beast has to offer.