Jonny Buehler

Jonny Buehler, Writer

The OHS drama club is hard at work putting together the 2012 fall play Leading Ladies. Already memorized and finding costumes, the actors are well on their way to being ready for the big night.

Leading Ladies is a Ken Ludwig play written in 2006 and revolves around a duo of Shakespearean actors who dress as women to trick an heiress out of her fortune.  Director Kathy Dorgan says that picking the play was easy. Dorgan said, “I was looking for a play by Ken Ludwig to do when I found Leading Ladies. I was thinking about doing a different play by Ludwig, but I ordered a copy of Leading Ladies because I thought it sounded funny. Once I read it, I really wanted to include it in this year’s season.”

With a cast of only eight people, the pressure is on every actor to perform. Starring in the play is Senior Larkin Basset, Senior Jack McBride, Senior Nick Main, Senior Wyatt Gaer, Senior Jonny Buehler, Senior Ericka Francks, Senior Nick Rawson, and Junior Andrea Verschuyl. Each of them has been trying on costumes to fit their characters. Basset and Main are the Shakespearean actors Leo and Jack, and Gaer is the innocent theatre enthusiast, Meg. Francks is the grouchy, and slightly scary, old lady Florence. Buehler is the stuck-up minister Duncan, Rawson is the romantic Doctor Myers, McBride is the loveable oaf Butch, and Verschuyl is the ditsy waitress Audrey.

There is also a large amount of crew working after school, doing everything from building sets to lighting. According to Dorgan,It’s a pretty big set to build and paint, because the show is set in the home of a wealthy old woman. [There are] lots of details to include for props and set design. We’ve had great work parties and have gotten a lot accomplished.” The entire set is being built from scratch and depicts the living room of the Sniders, complete with an upper and lower level connected by a staircase. There have been students showing up in the Performing Arts Center every day after school to help complete the set.

This will be a performance that all of Olympia High School’s students will want to come see. Opening night is Thursday the 18th, with shows on the 19th, 20th, 26th, and 27th of October.