OHS Hallway chatter

Kai Chapin, Writer

We all hear strange things while walking down the hallways. We decided to actually pay attention to the things that are said in the hallway and record some of this quirky hallway chatter! Because all of these quotes are hopefully extremely out of context we attempted to write short explanations/ stories for them. (None of the names used have any connection with students at Olympia High School)

  • “Dude. She’s cute, but she’s my cousin…”

Owen doesn’t have date for homecoming. Leroy decided he couldn’t let his friend ride solo to hoco. He came up with a plan for how Owen could ask Jenny a girl he sees Owen talking to a lot recently. One morning Leroy confronts Owen about his plan for Owen to Ask Jenny. Owen hears out Leroy’s plan, but in the end says no to asking her. Leroy doesn’t understand why he won’t ask her,

Leroy: “What’s your problem Jenny’s hot and you guys talk constantly.”

Owen: “Dude, She’s cute, but she’s my cousin…”

Leroy and Owen talk it out and realize that it’s not that weird to go with your hot cousin to homecoming. Later that day Owen asks Jenny to hoco, but sadly she did think it was weird to go to homecoming with her cousin.

  • “How many butt’s do you think I could touch right now?”

Louis and his good friend Zack have an ongoing bet to see who can creep out the most people while in the halls at Olympia High School without getting confronted about it. This bet was the result of the extreme boredom that they face five days a week for six hours a day. They started off with discrete comments, but as the weeks passed by their ability to make others uncomfortable greatly increased. One day Zack decided a great way to creep fellow students out was to loudly ask Louis the question “How many butt’s do you think I could touch right now?” while in a crowded hallway, but little did he know the man he thought to be his friend Louis walking next to him was Mr. Grant. Grant was pretty uncomfortable and asked Zack to visit his counselor and have them explain that touching student’s or teacher’s butts could result in a sexual assault charge. So in the end Louis won the bet.

  • “So, if I put dollar signs for all my ‘S’s on my essay will Mrs. Costello grade me down?”

Life is tough out there for a Young G. Sometimes it can truly feel like you’re out here on the streets with no one to hold. Connor had known this his entire thug life, but is suddenly confronted with it as he walks into Mrs. Costello’s 3rd period English class. Connor is confused, “How am I supposed to create mad beats with this Oly paragraph due Wednesday?” No one in his class understood the severity of his situation, as usual. He panics, and suddenly grabs his hall pass to confide in his good friend Paul; there was only one place he could be at this hour. Respectively entering the boy’s bathroom, Connor arrived just in time to witness some of Paul’s phattest clouds. “What do I do bruh?” Paul’s suggestion made so much sense, it was almost too good for Connor to actually believe was possible. “So, if I put dollar signs for all my ‘S’s on my essay will Mrs. Costello grade me down?” Paul had never been wrong, and Connors C+ proved once and for all that he would be part of the Beat Life forever.

  • “Wanna see a picture of my armpit?”

It’s homecoming night, and things are getting sweaty. Amber had her heart set on dancing the night away with a mysterious lover she’d never have to see again. Amber arrives at the dance, promptly at 8:30. She has rehearsed her dance moves and struts into the gymnasium where the music is bumpin. It’s not long until she sees him; toned, tan, fit, and ready. That’s the guy for her. As she heads toward her anonymous man candy, she is suddenly aware of the trickling beads of sweat dripping from under her arms. “Say what?” Amber runs to Raquel for guidance, but realizes she is at a loss for words of her situation. She catches mystery man heading towards the exit doors and flips out! Her request then came as a plea: “Wanna see a picture of my armpit?” But no matter how fast Raquel reached for the deodorant, the sexy boy was nowhere to be found. Amber decided to grind with the rest of the single students; getting the homecoming experience she truly deserved. Go Amber.