Kai Johnson, Reporter

Everyone is listening to podcasts. They have recently become a normal thing for people to listen to on a day-to-day basis. But why have these podcasts recently blown up to be such a huge success? There seem to be a number of different reasons that people around the world are listening to podcasts. Whether it is because they are engaging or it’s just something new; but there is no doubt about it, podcasts are big and still growing.

Not only in Olympia, but in the whole United States and even worldwide, podcasts and audio media as a whole has grown dramatically in recent time and become a very successful media outlet. Statistics from Entrepreneur.com shows an increase in podcast listeners in the United States from 12% in  2013 to 44% 2018. In Olympia and the Olympia high school community this rise of success is no different as students, teachers, and parents are all listening to podcasts. Junior Reagan Matson, states “I have recently started listening to podcasts. I enjoy listening to them when I have long drives to Seattle and/or Puyallup for baseball. They keep me interested as it feels like a normal conversation on any topic I please”.  This seems to be a big reason as to why podcasts have become so popular. They keep people engaged in a topic as it feels like a conversation with the listener and the people conducting the podcast. This conversational feel around podcasts is what attracts people to them.

Podcasts not only engage the listener, but along with that they also are something new and different to the scene of media. Spencer Sborov, junior, says “I’ve recently started to listening to podcasts because it’s something new. It’s a different way for me to get information and content. It’s unlike twitter, instagram or snapchat; it is a whole new thing that I have really started to like. It’s just something different.”  This is the case for almost all podcast listeners as podcasts are a somewhat recent to the media world. Audio media has been present for a long time, ever since radio and AM talk has been around. But now radio and talk radio has never been lower as nobody seems to listen to it these days. But now podcast have seem to done the same thing in a modern way. This is due to the fact that now with podcasts listeners can choose their topic and what they want to listen to and who they want to listen to as there is over 525,000 active podcasts in 2018, (according to podcastinsights.com). This new modern way of listening to talk shows has started to bring back audio media. It’s new and different and is really just making a modern take on radio talk shows.

Now that podcasts are rising to success and more and more people listen to them or even start making them, why doesn’t Olympia high school? Olympia high school has started to adopt medias like Instagram and Twitter, so why not an Olympia high school podcast. Sophomore at Olympia, Pierce Daniels, states “I listen to a lot of different podcasts whether its comedy or sports talk. I would definitely be interested in a Olympia high school podcast. It seems like a good idea for students and families to listen about what’s going on around the school”. This sparks an idea of Olympia high school’s own podcast that the school and the teacher and/or te students can make. Many students and teachers around the school say that they would like to listen to it and seems like a good way to get information about the school.

There is no doubt about it, podcasts have gotten very popular recently as numbers for many podcasts have skyrocketed. The engaging, conversational feel along with the new and different media it provides have caused this boom of popularity.