Letter to the editor: Career center cuts

Haelynn Kim

Dear Editor,

I am pleased to hear that the school board has decided not to cut the career center. However, as a senior who has utilized and benefitted from the services the career center has offered over the course of my 4 years here at OHS, I think that cutting the classified position would be a big mistake.

While most of us understand that sacrifices must be made due to budgetary constraints, this center and the work it does is truly an investment in the futures of the students at the high schools. The career center is crucial to the success of our students, not an expendable service that is just ‘nice to have’. The work that Ms. Boelts and Ms. Bridget do (especially for graduating seniors, with emphasis on graduating because they also work hard to ensure that every senior does) is critical in ensuring that the amazing education the OSD has provided its students is transformed into something impactful and helpful to the world we live in.

Without both Ms. Boelts’ and Ms. Bridget’s work, many students would not have the jobs that they do, the pathways to college that they have, or even scholarships that allow students to attend their dream schools. Although our counselors are wonderful and hardworking people, asking them to do so much more than they already do would be overwhelming for them, thus less effective for the students who benefit from those services.

Truly, there is no point in providing a stellar elementary, middle, and high school education to thousands of students if the potential impact that they have is minimized. Removing Bridget from the career center would do just so. With this said, from a senior who has had the luxury of learning from Ms. Boelts and Bridget, please let our younger classes benefit in the same way as well.

Thank you,

Haelynn Kim