Local Olympia band ‘WINEHOUSE’ releasing new music!


WINEHOUSE celebrate their graduation outside of OHS

OHS alumni Chivan Lim, Sarah Burke, Josh Hill, and Aiden Taylor are all in the band WINEHOUSE. The members have each been playing music for years before the band.  WINEHOUSE shot onto the scene in 2019 by blending a mixture of indie rock and pop together. Their first song “Pretty Lips” went viral with over 5 and a half million streams on Spotify. The band members are OHS alumni and graduated in 2022.


One of the ways WINEHOUSE stays consistently interesting is their versatility in genre and instrumentation. For example, the song “Pretty Lips” ends with a jazzy saxophone solo. The solo is absolutely the highlight of the song, working with the rhythm guitarist to make a beautiful piece of music. The solo progresses from quiet to loud with the rest of the band eventually joining in for the outro. 


The rhythm section and lyricism is highlighted in the song “Cool Kids” on their 2020 EP “Hanover Drive”. The bass, rhythm guitar, and drums all work together to form a solid base for the saxophones and lead guitars to build upon. The band flows seamlessly through genres, showing their prowess in indie-pop, indie-rock, freeform jazz, and art-pop. One of their heavier songs called “Midnight” has an amazing guitar solo, as well as another song of theirs, called  “Stay”.The combination of a guitar solo and a saxophone solo works a lot better than expected.  On “Midnight” the solo is brief but impactful with incendiary triplets over tight rhythm guitars and electric drum fills. 


This year, WINEHOUSE has a new roster, with a new lead singer Sarah Burke. The band consists of 4 core players: Josh Hill, Chivan Lim, Aiden Taylor, and Sarah Burke. The saxophone makes each song feel bigger and fuller, which was the intent of the band. “I just knew I wanted a big band.” guitarist Chivan Lim said. The band is recording new music, with a low-fi shoegaze-esc vibe. “We plan on releasing every 6 to 8 months . . . look forward to new tracks!” Lim said.