The World’s Largest Scavenger Hunt

Mo Seaman, Writer

OHS students are participating in a mind-blowing scavenger hunt that is taking over the world! Held annually by Supernatural star, Misha Collins, the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World has Ever Seen (GISHWHES) shattered the Guinness World record for largest scavenger hunt last year, and may do so again this year.

The hunt is compiled of a list of over 100 items that participants not only look for, but ask strangers, to make happen. Each is uniquely embarrassing or random. From “A photo of a storm trooper in full costume including leggings (not just the mask!) cleaning a pool,” to “A person in a business suit with a leather briefcase jumping into a leaf pile,” there’s a wide variety of tasks that contenders must get on camera. So why would anyone participate in such a ridiculous activity? “GISHWHES was definitely life changing,” says Senior “Gishwean” Melina Tran. “Doing things that are out of the ordinary made me realize that life isn’t a dress rehearsal. Now that I have changed das a person, I’m ready to live my life in a completely different way!”

The competition is compiled of a list of over 200 tasks. They range in point value determined by difficulty. For example, “A video of five of your teammates dressed as frogs playing leap frog in the middle of a coffee shop,” is worth less points than “A photo of a man in a chicken suit in the pilot seat of a commercial jet.”

However, competition got rough for the Olympians when they were completing the leap frog task. “We were dressed up as frogs and about to film at Starbucks downtown, when four people dressed up as frogs came in to do the same!” Says Tran.

Olympia High School students who have competed in the scavenger hunt include Seniors Melina Tran, Emily Hansen, Hannah Burley, Summer Bossard, and David Shorten. They named their team “The Olympians.” The scavenger hunt sounds like a blast, but it is definitely not all fun and games. “Arranging times and places to meet and accommodating to every single person’s schedule was very stressful. A lot of time was wasted trying to find new people to replace those who chose not to show up,” says Tran. The Olympians may not win the prize – a trip to Scotland – but a good time was had by all.

This hunt is held annually. So, how would one know if he or she is cut out for this kind of competition? “My dream team would have people who work hard and have a high determination of winning,” says Tran. “It’s also nice having people with connections and lots of resources that we could use to complete the tasks.”