Sci-Fi Club: The Final Frontier

Kat Graf, Staff Writer

Sci-Fi Club: What do they do? What’s so cool about it? How can I get in? Well to the last question it’s really easy, just go to room 111 in Mrs. Peterson English class at Bear Time on Fridays. You can bring up your imagination and explore everything that science fiction has to offer your creative side. Sci-Fi club is a group of people who put their minds together to create a world where the unreal and impossible becomes a series of creations that might one day be the next big cartoon or movie out there. Mrs. Peterson was kind enough to let the newspaper interview her, When asked what Sci-Fi club is about, Mrs. Peterson answered, “Sci-Fi club likes to explore the genre of Sci-Fi, so we discuss all forms of media in relationship to that genre, we talk about Sci-Fi films, comics, T.V. shows, and novels”. “Well me personally I already like Sci-Fi, so what I like about it is that we talk about a subject that I enjoy.” Mrs. Peterson answered to being asked what was interesting about Sci-Fi. “You would already have to like Sci-Fi to want to join the club, so I don’t really know how to explain it to make someone interested enough to join. I helped create the club along with Drew Defored, the president”. What is the point of having a Sci-Fi club? “To give a creative outlet to people who like smart and funny put together”.

Drew Defored who also attends Sci-Fi club and just happens to be the president, told us what it’s all about. “Sci-Fi club takes topics of science fiction, like time travel for example and breaks down the concepts to make it more scientific to apply it real life scenarios and how we could one day use it in the future.” So whets interesting about Sci-Fi club you might ask? Well not only can you open your mind to the possibility this could all one day be happening, but also you get to have fun with it. “Well this week on Friday we’re going to be discussing the topic of mind control and how we could apply it to things that it would be needed for future problems. The club is a fun, energetic, place to go to discuss with lots of conversations about unique stuff.” “The point of Sci-Fi club is to spread awareness of certain topics from the genre of science fiction, again like time travel and what you would do with the power to time travel and how it might be dangerous,” Defored responded.