Watching Flicks Without a Theater

James Colasurdo, Online Editor

Do you have a fiery, passionate interest in watching movies and wish to share and discuss this interest with others? Consider joining Film Club. Every Friday at Bear Time A, about 20 people “Vote on the movies to watch over the weekend, and figure out genres; for the next week. Each member of Film Club is able to recommend and vote on movies,” says Junior and Vice President of Film Club Claire White. Up on a classroom whiteboard, many different types of movies are written up. Hands go rising up in the air and mouths start moving rapidly in bursts of excitement for the movies that each person wants to see most. In the constant talking, loud, and welcoming environment, leaders of the club tally up the raised hands, after a description of each movie (a one sentence summary) of each and every movie is given.

People from Film Club see an average of one film/week, and have been doing so since early October, which makes for about 30 different movies seen with each other each week. Instead of having 20 people all go to a theater however, the people from Film Club choose one of their houses to watch the movie. This is a big advantage as “it costs less money to go to somebody’s house, and we rotate homes, so I’d say it’s better to go to somebody’s house.” White opined. Senior Jessica Nurmi weighs in with her thoughts, stating that “while it may be better at a theater since no one can talk, the commentary and (friendly and fun) atmosphere you can get at someone’s house can be great. Another thing is you know what movie you’ll see at a theatre, but not necessarily when you’re in the club.” Freshman Wyatt Martin points out that when you watch a movie at home, you can actually pause the movie if you need a bathroom break, need something to eat or drink, or something else important pops up but he points out that there is something unique about seeing a movie in a theatre and that some reason “it’s so much cooler.”

White as a Vice President, essentially with three others, created the club itself and its constitution. Whereas, Nurmi joined so she’d get “new movies to watch and be able to watch them with friends every week.” On the other hand, as a Freshman, Martin joined the club simply because he “heard the name, and wanted to try it out.” Martin ended up liking it, and while he hasn’t been with the club since early October, he has now personally seen 5 different movies with the club. Martin simply stated he “just likes discussing movies.” And Nurmi enjoys the fact that she “gets to watch movies (she) hasn’t even heard of before.”