OHS Athletes Violate Dress Code

Bellamoon Kelly-Cragun, Writer

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Have you ever violated the dress code? Did you have to change? According to our school website the dress code is a regularly enforced rule of Olympia High School to “foster an environment that is safe, healthy, conducive to teaching and learning, and promotes the dignity of all students.” However many of the people that represent our school are given a free pass to this rule. Junior Hope Dorris says, “Sports recognition is heavily advertised and marketed. They are the main pictures on the OHS website, they have their names on the wall, we have entire assemblies dedicated to them.” Sports teams at Olympia High school are said to bring the values of community, sportsmanship, and leadership to our programs. These teams include cross country, track, cheerleading, and volleyball. All of their uniforms directly violate the dress code.

But, do OHS students really want our team uniforms to change in order to reflect the dress code?  No; not that we found.  Rather, students point this out as an attempt to say that bare shoulders and classy short pants simply should not be that big a deal.  If it is not a big deal for the hundreds of athletes that wear our OHS logo and represent our school, then why must it be such a big deal for everyday students in class?

“Everyone is aware of the dress code and I find it sexist because teachers don’t enforce it the same way based on gender,” says Hope Dorris. This is an old complaint if you look at past Olympus articles on this. Are sports the only place we can find equality in this misogynistic rule? Cross country shorts are either short spandex for the girls or loose booty shorts for the boys. The cheerleaders have a halter top exposing their shoulders and skirts specifically hemmed to be cute but also very short. Volleyball’s attire also includes spandex shorts.

In an interview with Principal Matt Grant, he showed me the district guidelines regarding dress and athletic code nothing was mentioned saying the school sports uniforms are exempt from rules. So why do cheerleaders get to walk around in their expensive short skirts made for a program funded by the school? Why do cross country boys get to run around in only the shortest of short? Even Mr.Grant agreed saying some could perform perfectly fine in longer skirts and shorts, ones that followed all the same rules everyone else has to follow. Junior Henry MaCreedy believes, “If they’re representing the school they should probably abide by the code.”

$15,000 of our budget raised by our wonderful ASB is dedicated to giving all sports teams new uniforms every four years (except the football players of course, who get a new jersey every TWO years) If our school is choosing to spend a whopping 15k on JUST the sports uniforms, shouldn’t they abide by the simple code? “Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be longer than mid thigh.” However many will agree the volleyball, cross country, and track shorts are definitely NOT up to dress code standard.  No-one is asking that OHS uniforms change; rather many want our dress code to reflect what is ok in OHS sports.