Improvements at OHS

Hari Nath, Reporter

Sometimes the students at OHS forget they have a say in the improvements of the school, even if those ideas aren’t followed through with. These ideas include uniforms for the teams at Oly so we can show just as much spirit as the football team, better food in the cafeteria and better technology streamline teaching. We could use more than just these, but to some students, these are very important.


Some of these improvements can open our eyes to what students want and need. Many students at OHS, some of whom are on other unrecognized teams, think that the football team getting the stadium, the games, the uniforms and especially, the MONEY, is unfair to their smaller teams! Why is it that they basically get their own stadium but the swim team has to rent out lanes from Evergreen State College? Especially that the Basketball court gets new flooring but we can’t get decent food in the cafeteria. We all know and understand that the school has to make choices that have a better chance of helping our school for the better, but some students might feel that their cries aren’t being heard and their values aren’t the same ones as the schools. To Freshman Evan Thornton, “it’s weird that we get ‘reduced fat chips’ and other ‘healthy’ things but we get normal pizza, hamburgers and pretzels, which I’m pretty sure have way more calories and fat!” Is this what OHS is coming to? A hugely populated school with reduced fat chips but a student store that sells pizza, cookies and other normal snacks? Students want specific snacks!He also feels that the, “cafeteria serves bad food because the student store is so expensive.” Even though this improvement can seem small to others, this is one of the first things that Thornton saw when he entered high school this year.


But that’s not all, many of the sports teams don’t seem to get the money that the football team apparently does. The track and cross country teams, for example, barely have similar uniforms. To OHS Cross Country Junior Zoe Wiley, it’s more than just the money. Their team wants, “matching uniforms/warm ups should be gotten for the track and cross Country teams so we don’t look like such a ragtag group,” which might seem worse than the football team or basketball team who get new uniforms and sweatshirts and jerseys. Wiley even thinks that at meets, “you can’t even tell we’re from Oly. We should be able to show our pride just as much as football or any other team.”


There are even some improvements at Oly that actually don’t have to do with the students, like technology. Many of the teachers at Oly might seem to get bombarded with new technology because sometimes it is hard for them to catch up or understand it right away. For example, Junior ASB student Beatrice Asomaning honestly thinks that, “it requires more training for teachers so it doesn’t hinder their teaching but compliments it.” Otherwise we’ll be wasting their time and ours. But she does agree that technology does improve our school. We just need to make sure everyone knows how to use it.


Now the nice thing about OHS is that it has many great things and privileges that many other high school students don’t get and probably want. But what kind of school would we be it we didn’t listen to our students voices. Students want to have a fair say in what goes in our school, what we take out of our school, and what we bring to our school. Again, many of these students see changes that might actually change our school for the better, and yet they are still not being heard let alone thought of. These are some of the improvements at OHS that these students want to see happen.