New Buildings Bring More Connections


Lilo Jordan, Journalist

     The new 900 building at Olympia High School is finally entering the last stages. It all started when the Olympia High School District voters approved the construction of the new twenty-two classrooms and some building touch-ups. The goal was to remove the astray portables and enclose the campus in a way that makes everything connected. This is another way to improve and ensure safety at Olympia High School. 

     With every project comes some setbacks, and OHS’s remodeling is no stranger to them. Lindsay Welsh, Vice Principal, and the Main Advisor on this project said, “with any construction project there are complications and delays. With the pandemic, our project ran into some problems with different materials arriving at the planned time. For example, the counters for the new science classrooms just arrived in November, they were originally scheduled for a late August arrival.” Despite the delays, from what teachers have said about the new building, they are really content with how it turned out.

     This change isn’t just new for the teachers but also for the students. There have been many positive comments about the new rooms and the building itself. “The new building is awesome and the students are going to love it!” says Terri McCoy, a teacher in the Social Studies department. Ms. McCoy is currently hosting her zoom classes in one of the new rooms, Room 805. There’s an upper level to this part of the building, where you can look down on the commons area. 

     When it comes to change there are going to be some positives and negatives. As it’s approaching winter the rooms are cold and without the students, it’s freezing. 

     However, the teachers only have good things to say about the new rooms and the new furniture. The rooms are still getting set up but there are more flexible chairs and tables with wheels on them. The teachers are ready for the students to come back to school already.