Poem of the Week: Bismuth and the Stars

The girl with the rainbow hair

Eyes that effortlessly sparkle

She sits alone on the hill after dusk

The sky black as the darkest ink



She waits a minute or two

God flicks paint on his canvas

White blinks of curious stars

Glittering just like her eyes



Once the sky is full of rhinestones

The girl stands up on her delicate feet

Beginning to dance on the soft grass

Her hair streaking color in the night



I watch her from my windowsill

Wishing I was beside her, dancing

Cherishing her with the finest grace

Because she is the purest bismuth



But eventually, the ambiance of the night

Will fade away, along with my Bismuth

The awful sun rises, breaking my heart

Stealing my beautiful gem away



I remained shattered through the day

Longing for her miracle glue

Wanting to gaze upon the elegance

That is her entire being



Even so my broken state, I had hope

I knew she’d be there tonight

Dancing gracefully among the glittering sky

Fixing the broken glass that is my heart



But the hillside was empty and dry

No shine of my glorious Bismuth

Not even a strand of her lovely hair

The stars didn’t show themselves that night



I’m left staring at emptiness

Nothing outside my window

for years on end like marker caps

My world became black and white


-Raymond Yepes