Poem of the Week: Ode To Lizzo

Varshi Horback, Poet

An Ode to Lizzo,

For every song, 

For every prolonged, 

note of confidence, 

For every time you tell us to blame it on our juice, 

And encouraging all of us to be our best self. 


An Ode to Lizzo, 

Your confidence, 

Your energy, 

Your honesty, 

Your always teaching all of us to love ourselves,

Even as you are learning, 

You always build us up. 


An Ode to Lizzo, 

You glow like your clothes,

Because why not?

Saying what you want, 

Because why not? 

Everyday you tell us to be ourselves,

Because if someone doesn’t love you for you and all of you, 

They aren’t worth your time. 


An Ode to Lizzo, 

The smell of confidence, 

It’s like the best summer day, 

Eating the best dessert, 

Finding I am purely happy when I hear you. 

It’s the overwhelming sense that become no words, 

No ways to process, 

You have electric energy, 

Much alike a bolt of lighting or ray of sunshine, 


An Ode to Lizzo,

Who reminds us to slay everyday, 

That we must love ourselves before worrying about loving anyone else. 

How are you able to be so inspiring and confident, 

Even while others do not treat you well. 

You, Miss Lizzo, are an inspiration to me.