Poem of the week: The Ides of March

Cassius Love , Poet

Betrayal tastes like

A knife edge, sharp and sudden

Ice like the Tiber


Red opens its mouth

On my bones, the hands mold me

Brothers that I shook


They crawl across me

Insects in their golden robes

Gnawing at my pow’r


She clutched me at the

Archway, begging teary-eyed

My Calpurnia


I am a monster

Been carved up twenty-two times

Like a platter’d Sphinx


Between the gray light

Treacherous faces loom bright

The last blade smiles


You, Brutus, and you?

I’ll see you in hell, brother

Shining with my blood 


When they lay me down

In olive soil, soft and sweet

Will they cry for me?


Honorable man

Will they murmur I was an

Honorable man?