The Liberation of Wi-Fi

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As you know, OHS has opened up the School’s public Wi-Fi. Oh yeah, and it will be on 24/7 for the rest of the school year! yet the question has repeatedly been, does this affect students attention in class? Social studies teacher, Mr. Kabat stated, “Wi-Fi or no, students are going to go online anyway with their data.” Which does make sense, even if there was no Wi-Fi at the school there would always be some problems with students playing on there phone in class.


Junior Mack Lang as to Wi-Fi making a difference in distraction he said, “Not at all. I find that I use my phone the same amount as I did last year, but now I don’t use up data or my time due to quicker speeds with the Wi-Fi. ”Lang brings up a good point about saving time. If you needed to go on skyward between classes, phone fighting slow cellular data speed might cause the student to take up to 10 minutes a test grade or class grade, cutting into the next class time. With the Wi-Fi, such checks go faster, and editing your essay through your phone can be possible without going to the lab.  Most teachers don’t have a problem with the Wi-Fi, and since Mr. Kabat is also the school’s Teacher Tech. Assistant, he noted, “There would need to be a lot of people against the Wi-Fi for it to be shut down, but Mr. Grant does have the power to shut it off if he wanted to. ”


Last year when the Wi-Fi was accidentally turned on during school hours it crashed the Wi-Fi hardware because the system was not made for that many users. This summer the school district gutted the Internet hardware and added brand new 2015 technology that has the capacity to hold everyone in the school plus more at high speeds. We do need one more final yes to keep it on but as stated by Kabat, “I would be surprised if there was any problems with it.” With the school adding Wi-Fi here 24-7, this really helps out a lot of families with phone plans, Specially with phone companies changing their plans right now and making data more expensive. Maybe you could score some points with the parents and tell them they can get a smaller data plan because when you’re on your phone at school you are not using your data and saving money!