New Start Times: How do Students Feel?

The new schedules.

The new schedules.

Samuel Roberts, Journalist

Recently, the Olympia School District implemented new start times, shifting how the school days work. Having schools starting hours later, they shuffled the whole schedule of all students’ lives, making after school events later and altering the amount of time that learners have for homework. But this change has not been the most welcomed with some students unhappy with having to mix up their routines. Now that it has been over a month of being back to school, this adjustment has been more prominent than ever, and will continue to be the new normal as the school year progresses.

Freshman at OHS Finn Nixon says that this whole adjustment has been going pretty well for him. Nixon said that the morning has been a very productive part of the new schedules, that he has been getting everything done that he needs to and has ample time to complete the tasks at hand. The main issues for Nixon come after school with his after school events. “I do marching band, so practice on Friday gets out late”. This hasn’t been a terrible blow to his schedule, nothing that he was losing sleep over. One of the last things Nixon stated “I have a little less time to get homework done, but I can still complete it”. Overall, Nixon had very positive things to say about this new change and doesn’t think that it is all that unpleasant to adjust to.

Beatrice Wilhelm, Freshman, had plenty to say about this new schedule. Her biggest issue with this all is about after school. She said that her after school events don’t feel pushed back at all, but that is mainly because this is her first year of high school and first year on the schedule. So while her events are later they just don’t feel like it.“I get home late, because of sports, so that doesn’t leave me much time to get homework done and sleep”. Wilhelm said that she has been losing sleep after this new change, mostly because of homework but also because of more time in the morning making her procrastinate. While it doesn’t really change her morning schedule, Wilhelm stated that it’s only because she got everything done that she needed to the night before, so she carries out her morning as usual. All in all, Wilhem said she is not the biggest fan of this, but that she can learn to live with it.

A recent survey conducted at Olympia High School asked students their opinions with this new change. Out of fifty people’s questions, thirty of them said that they like this change that the district implemented while 20 of them said that they weren’t very happy with the change. This showcases really how a larger amount of students feel about this switch up.

This new schedule has come with a mixed reaction. There are those who have completely sided for or against this, and there are those who are just going with the flow. While it has been a very debated topic, it is one that students will learn to live with.