The Other Creighton


Greg Creighton at the Olympia volleyball game against GK

Harper Gould, Journalist

 For Greg Creighton, Assistant JV Volleyball Coach, Olympia High School has been a great place to spend most of his life. This 50 year-long chapter is coming to a close as he and his wife, Head Volleyball Coach Laurie Creighton, prepare to finish up their final season and officially retire. Head JV Coach Jen Meyer will remember Creighton as, “being the voice of the bears… you just knew that you would always hear him.” Creighton has announced at the volleyball games for 37 years, ending each and every match with “kids do your homework” and his most iconic saying, “and make good choices!” While Creighton was not the first to coin the phrase “Make Good Choices”; it is a mantra that many of his past students and athletes associate directly with him. He claims that it started in the classroom, “when the kids went out the door we’d do a fist pound as they left on Friday and I said “make good choices!” At one point players began putting it on T-shirts. Meyer says, “it’s kind of like a right of passage, when you make varsity you get this shirt.” The “Make Good Choices” campaign is one of many legacies that Creighton leaves behind.

Varsity volleyball player Maris Baird will miss Creighton because “he is on the varsity bench always ready to give words of encouragement as well as words of wisdom about how to approach the game mentally.” With an extensive background in baseball, his knowledge relative to the game of volleyball is unique. While he has been around the game for the extent of his wife’s career, he finally began coaching in 2017. He is currently the assistant to Coach Meyer and she says that “he sometimes doesn’t get caught up in the nitty-gritty volleyball technical stuff but he can help to see the bigger picture.” Creighton also claims that “coaching is coaching” and seeing as he has been around the sport for more than 40 years he has seen what does and doesn’t work. “He does a really lovely job of […] sitting back and watching what’s happening and then finding solutions,” says Meyer. 

Creighton graduated from Olympia High School in 1971, and went on to play baseball at WSU. He was not gone for long before his wife landed the job as the head volleyball coach in 1979. Creighton was a student at OHS, a teacher at OHS, the baseball coach at OHS, and within the Volleyball program alone he has announced, taken stats, coached, been the videographer, and supported the successful career of his wife. L. Creighton has been coaching and G. Creighton has been volunteering for nearly all of their marriage. G. Creighton’s support for the program goes beyond the gym as he supports his wife at home. During the season he says, “I take care of anything on the home front” such as cooking and housework. He is also able to act as what he called a “sounding board” for her to bounce ideas off of and think through solutions to issues that arise. Working with loved ones isn’t always easy and Creighton shares that as a rule, he doesn’t sit in the stands next to parents “so that I don’t have to hear if they have something to say that I maybe wouldn’t agree with.” He has invested endlessly into the Olympia High school volleyball program but also Olympia High School as a whole. Creighton shares finally that, “it’s been a good ride.”