Bear Den Back Again


Jack Soderberg, Dain Boswell, Grace Clarke, and Katy Wolgamont posing with cookies in the Student Store

Elena Scott, Editor

When the student store opened this year on Homecoming Friday, they sold almost $1300 worth of merchandise and food. The store typically sells around $300 worth daily, according to Manager and OHS Senior Emma Bonbright. “Honestly that was insane,” says Bonbright. 

Now located next to the commons, the Student Store is officially open during both lunches and break for students to purchase OHS merch or a variety of food and beverages. Students and parents can also purchase clothing from The Student Store online, through the store’s website.

The store is run primarily by 3rd or 4th year marketing students and the Marketing Teacher, Jennifer Fabritius. “They all have jobs,” says Fabritius about the students. Bonbright and Senior Sarah Boatright work together as co-managers for the store. They have the most experience in not only the store, but in DECA, the business and marketing club at OHS. The managers work to place orders and assign jobs, “not necessarily bossing people around, for lack of a better word, but delegating everything,” says Boatright. Bonbright and Boatright both enjoy the atmosphere the store brings for the students who work together there. “It’s my favorite,” says Bonbright. 

When it comes to assigning jobs within the store, it’s up to the managers to organize. “We do a randomizer for lunches since no one really wants to work [those],” says Bonbright. The whiteboard in the classroom behind the student store reads the names of students working lunch that day, written by one of the managers. “We have to switch up who’s on [the] register because everyone wants to do it,” adds Bonbright. Students not only work the register but make cookies, manage and count the cash, organize the merchandise, hand out pizza, and more while working. “It’s really cool to see them learn and grow in their business skills,” says Fabritius. 

In order to work in the student store, students must take two years of marketing, be interviewed by Fabritius and the managers, and fill out an application. Junior Allison Temple, and Head of the Promotion Team in the store, is currently taking both Advanced Marketing and the Student Store class. Temple took the Yearbook class her sophomore year, and was therefore unable to work in the store this year without doubling up on her marketing classes, to meet all of the store’s requirements. “I love the environment, I love getting to work with all my friends,” says Temple, who will be one of the more experienced members of the store next year. 

The Student Store is Gold Certified- meaning they have reached the highest level a high school store can reach, based on the quality of their products, what they sell, how much, etc.