Spin Bikes Mystery at OHS

Spin bikes above the boys’ mezzanine.

Spin bikes above the boys’ mezzanine.

Sophia Hauss, Journalist

Olympia High School students have seen the spin bicycles above the boys’ locker room, and some may want to know the answer to why they’re there. Other students may wonder what affected the school to not use the spin bikes. They also may not know the history behind the PE classes they take today. Dancing Through the Decades has been offered at OHS for about 13 years, taught by Emily Garrison, and was brought into the offered courses by a student who wanted something different than a repeat of freshmen physical education class, which is who had the school board first talking about PE waivers. 

Emily Garrison, Physical Education and former Health Teacher at OHS, says that the spin bicycles have been above the boys’ locker room for some time now, as they’ve been there for the purpose of helping the Body Shape class in the past years. Though after not being used for years after being broken and run down, they sit there not being used by any classes for the time being. Mike Schaefer, Civics and AP Gov. & Politics teacher, believes that there had been a spin bike class for a few years before students lost interest.  

Garrison stated that “at the time, the school board was pushing for PE waivers and as one of the PE teachers I want people to take PE because they want to, not just because they have to.” As one of the PE teachers, she states that to have more people want to continue with having a PE class, the department started to bring ideas and implement newer PE classes. Garrison continues to say, “our department decided to get creative and we created a bunch of new PE offerings. Body Shape was created, the weights program was redesigned, and then I thought about a dance program.” Dancing Through the Decades is the first-ever Physical Education class that provides students with PE credits and arts credit.

Schaefer said that “it happened to be that [my student] was a student representative on the school board, and so he was able to bring up the policy proposal.” Schaefer’s former student of his had formed the idea of PE waivers when schools around the country were having PE waivers available to students who were involved with sports. In Schaefers’ classes, one of the final projects includes proposing a product that would be implemented into society, whether it’s a policy or a law, its purpose is to improve and help those impacted. His students’ proposal was to the school board, proposing that students should have access to PE waivers for those who are involved in sports, whether for the school or for a club. While the students of Olympia still may not know the reasons on why the high school has spin bikes, it has led to the understanding behind how the PE classes and waivers came to be.