The Effect This Virus has on School

Treysen Moreno, Journalist

     At the end of last year and to this day the nations of the world have been at the mercy of Covid-19, the virus that came from China, travel has been halted and no more gathering of people. From Friday, March 13th 2020 was the day for most countries where quarantine was sent into quarantine. The government of the world highly suggests that people stay apart 6 feet and try not to spend time with people outside of their immediate household. Throughout the quarantine people have been communicating through many different means, but they all share 1 thing in common, they are over social media. Does the extra time and the major changes to what they called school have an effect on the students and in what way?

     Students, K-12 grades, spend up to 6 hours surrounded by fellow classmates, Perhaps even more if they have after school clubs and sports. The feel of the class is vastly different, The look of group work has become more quiet and uneventful. Classrooms have now become their bed rooms, their friends are now words or pictures on their screens with the occasional zoom call for school. No playing in the field during lunch time, no arm wrestling in the lunchroom, and now they can’t even talk to each other in class. Students that are in middle school and above pretty much all have phones nowadays. So staying connected amongst each other is a lot easier than Elementary school students. Other than being taught the basics of reading, writing, and math Elementary schools are the place where they learn how to interact with each other in meaningful and productive ways.

      Being at home isn’t so bad, for example, Kannen Brown (a senior in OHS) shared that his relationship with his brother has grown quite strong over this period of time since he just acquired a Nintendo Switch with Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate. Brown enjoys starting class at 9 am instead of 7:45 am. The shorter classes are a bonus as well, he also enjoyed the luxury of not presenting in front of the class. Terren Dixon (A senior in OHS) is participating in running, Instead of starting school at 7:45am, He doesn’t start until 10:50 am, sometimes 1:20 pm. He also enjoys not waking up early especially when he goes to sleep in the early hours in the morning because of the work from college. They both miss the interactions in school very much especially because they are both in their final year in High School. The teachers are also having a hard time connecting with students. Many teachers fear that many of their students are paying attention in zoom calls. They are trying different ways to get their students to engage in their activities. 

     Many studies have been done about people in isolation for a long period of time, those found out that humans can’t handle not interacting with anyone in a weeks period of time, but that is not the issue here since the internet exists that provides many different communication apps/websites. Communicating in today’s world is like a long distance relationship. You may know the person you are talking with on your Facebook messenger, but the tone of their voice, their gestures, and even their eyes convey way more than some words on the screen. Humans have adapted when they were hunters and gatherers. Communicating without words would be more proficient because the noise might have spooked the animal away. 

     These days are confusing, scary, and very worrisome for most people. However, This whole mess isn’t gonna last forever. Communicating with others will create a sense of normalcy. Yes, talking through a screen sometimes makes it difficult to interpret what the other person says, but a few more months won’t change the over 200,000 years of human interaction leading up to this point. It may take a month or two to feel like everything is back to normal, but nothing of importance will be changed. Stay strong and hang in there, many memories are ready to be made with your friends and family. This thing should gave you the mentality that you should be grateful that you have this life in which you can see your family, hold the person you love, and how everything can change in what feels like an instant.