Senioritis: Is it Real or Just a Myth?

OHS Senior, Cole Burbidge.

OHS Senior, Cole Burbidge.

Jack Olsen, Journalist

Believe it or not there’s another disease that plagues our nation and it goes by the name of senioritis. Millions of high school seniors nationwide are beginning to feel a heavy weight on their shoulders as they work to finish high school and balance the many tasks they need for their future. Some believe that senioritis is just made up and an excuse for students to slack off during their final year.

Olympia High School senior Cole Burbidge is feeling that weight and is ready to finish off his school year. He says “I feel like I’ve been lacking motivation overall. I have a lot going on right now with a job, excessive amounts of homework, and playing two sports. On top of that has been COVID and it’s been hard to see my friends and family.” Burbidge has also been busy applying for college and is looking forward to attending Grand Canyon University next year. He feels like he has lost out on a typical senior year experience this year and that distance learning is mainly the cause for that. “I want to finish my senior year strong and be a more active student. My goal is to finish more of my homework on time and keep my grades up.”

One of the main symptoms of senioritis is simply a desire to see friends and spend time with them before leaving for college. Senior Emily Cottrell feels this way exactly. Talking about the senioritis phenomenon she says “I’ve been more focused on college this year for sure. I work a job and have been hanging out with my friends a lot more.” When asked about having any regrets she says that she just “wants to spend more time with friends and interacting with others before [she] leaves for college.” Cottrell believes that the senior year lack of motivation is a very real thing and it’s just part of ending a chapter in your life. “Everyone faces some degree of it whether you choose to believe it or not.” She looks forward to attending college at Cal Poly next year and meeting all kinds of new people there in the years to come.

Teachers are the ones who see the effects of senioritis first hand every year. OHS science teacher Mr. Stevick has lots of seniors in his classes. He admits “It is very evident that there’s a shift in work ethic for some individuals towards the end of their senior year.” Although Stevick believes that there’s more to it than just graduating high school. He adds that “There are multiple times in life where you feel like there’s an end in sight and you’re looking forward to a goal and it’s important to be able to push through and stay strong and just benefit from any experience you have.”

Although senioritis can be looked at as a bad thing at times, it’s important to note that these high school seniors are preparing for their future. The step from high school to college is a big one and relationships around a graduating class are changing. Just remember to be patient when you next see a senior taking the extra time to finish up their school work because there can be lots of other events going on around them.