The Teachings of Hollywood

Payton Johnson, Writer

Every day when you walk into class and you hear that you’re just watching a movie your heart sinks in excitement. At least that’s what Junior Mack Lang agrees with. Yeah students might rather watch a movie than take notes from a textbook but what is really more efficient? Mack Lang stated, “I think the way the teacher incorporates the content into the curriculum is what matters. If a teacher does a great job explaining the book students may learn more than from watching a movie.” Mack has a great take on the subject but Sophomore year you have to read Lord of The Flies. When you watch the movie it may be easier to see the point getting across because there are actors and emotion. But some movies do bad at getting the point across so it’s not always a 100% guarantee. In a book there is no actors or raw emotion. Its words you read and put a picture in your mind of what’s happening, and that’s where it really varies on every student and the way they comprehend the book. A movie is putting that picture in your head when you read right in front for you to watch.

I asked Junior History teacher Terri McCoy on her perspective: “It depends on every student, if the students learns better from reading and writing or watching and listening. so there really isn’t an answer it’s an either or” every student is unique in their own way whether it is reading and writing or watching and learning. McCoy also said, “I prefer to put a movie on so you can visualize the subject” but don’t think you’re going to always be watching movies because McCoy said, “Reading, writing, thinking, drawing, a mix of all! that is a good way to learn.” And McCoy stays true to her words. Right now she is teaching the beginning chapters of US history and assigning note taking out of the book but also playing clips from YouTube and movies based on what you learn in the chapter. For example you take notes on how US got independence from the British and after that you watched a 3 day movie about the united states independence and the invention of the declaration of independence. So she really tries to give the full effect to every student and the way they prefer to learn.