Dress Code

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Dress Code

Porter Kamerath, Reporter

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On October fifth, the Olympia School District meets to discuss the current dress code, and more specifically possible changes to the district dress code. The dress code at Olympia High School may or may not be entirely effected, but it will have an effect on the district as a whole.

This alteration doesn’t seem to be changing the dress code completely, but more like re-wording it. According to Matt Grant the principle here at Olympia High School, “they’re looking at a document that was written by the national organization for women, that was really trying to make [the dress code] a not as bias policy.” If you read some dress codes, you can really see the difference between genders. The district is trying to change that, hoping to reword the dress code so that it’s seen in a much less bias way.

When asked how he feels about the change, Paul Anders the Principal at Washington Middle School says “Absolutely, because I think we want to do that anyway. I think dress code used to be such a thing, and it used to be controversial, and I appreciate that times are changing.” And Mr. Anders isn’t the only one that’s thankful for the change, Emily Jaudon a junior at Olympia agrees, “I would 100% support the change.” The change in dress code allows the code to be more gender neutral and, according to Anders and Jaudon, they are glad for the change, ready for it to happen.

When considering how much the dress code will affect the High school Grant says, “Most of the volume comes from the middle schools. […] I don’t think there’s a lot of changes here at Olympia High. The wording from the district might be different, and some education might be done differently, like consent and other stuff related to the dress code. But I don’t think there’ll be much change at all.” The focus for the dress code change is mostly on the other schools in the district, not mostly at OHS. As it is Olympia High’s code is pretty gender neutral, and they’re probably won’t be a lot of change here. For the most part the current dress code will stay the same.

Whether or not the current dress code is enforced is kind of up to debate. According to True McCully a senior at Olympia High School, claims he feels the dress code is, “Fairly enforced, I’ve seen people called out in the last four years I’ve been here. It’s pretty neutral, you’ll see it sometimes, you just go with it.” But Jaudon says, “Well I think that high schoolers have the maturity to know what’s important and what’s not, I feel like we don’t really need to enforce it. People will wear what they want.” According to Jaudon the dress code isn’t really enforced, and that it really doesn’t need to. It is something that needs to be up to the student. True on the other hand sees the dress code enforced and feels that’s how it should be.

The dress code is currently working pretty well according to Grant, “We don’t deal with it that much anymore. We had our big up rising a couple years ago. And we listened to our community. Students said it’s too big of a deal, and the staff said they’re right. The committee a few years ago did a real good job.” The current dress code isn’t really enforced according to mr. Grant and that it works really well. Most students like it, and most don’t see a need to change.

The school district is noticing imperfections in the dress code, mostly how bias it is to genders. They are taking actions to change the code in the district. Mr. Grant is happy with the current dress code, and doesn’t want or think that there will be any big changes to Olympia High School specifically. Just make sure to follow the current dress code, and there shouldn’t be any problems.

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