Birthright Citizenship

Riley Saylor, Reporter

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Birthright citizenship is given to everybody born in the United States of America, but with an executive order by Donald J. Trump, all of this could be reversed. President Donald J. Trump proposed an executive order to remove automatic citizenship when someone is born to an illegal family living in the United States. But does this go against the 14th amendment. “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

With the new executive order, how would this affect our economy? Since people take advantage of illegal immigrants, getting away with paying them less for harder work, Felicia Avila senior says “I think it would affect the economy, since there will be more people to work for less”. But on the other hand George Nes-Smith senior believes “I don’t think it will affect the economy greatly, as illegal immigrants also start businesses, so the economy likely won’t change”. Artur Ivanichek senior says “ No. I don’t think that all those businesses will all of the sudden drop their illegal workers, and instead try to hide their status.”

The main reason why immigrants come to America is because they want to start a better life for themselves and their family but if this gets issued could it bring an end to that dream? George says “ Not really I think lots of people will still enter the U.S.”

Not only will this affect a large population in the United States, it might actually affect the President’s own son Barron Trump, who was born March 20th 2006, four months before Melania Trump became a citizen of the United States. So Barron Trump may actually be considered a illegal, is this enough to stop this proposition though? Artur thinks Trump will try to come up with an excuse “ He will try to rationalize his situation” George thinks “He’s a moron he will make up some bullcrap and find a few dozen racist senators to back him up”.

It’s true that this is a hot topic at the moment this will probably take a while to go through since it’s such a controversial topic, much like the gun control topic. This could lead to even more deportation than Trump is thinking about, which can hurt our economy and millions of people.

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Birthright Citizenship