Here to Serve

Grace Arnis, Staff Writer

ASB Leadership wants to give every student the chance to have fun.  “We want to make the school a place people want to be,” says Senior, ASB President Olivia Weeks. This year the ASB Leadership class has set high expectations for themselves to make Olympia High School a better environment for students. Focusing on student recognition and coming up with a new homecoming theme that is not over used or cliché are just the start for the start of this year.

Weeks explains that they “want to provide alternative events for every student to be involved in.” So even if attending the Homecoming dance or a football game isn’t what a student is interested in, they can still feel like part of the school by going to the proposed OHS Film Festival or play foursquare at one the ASB of activity nights. If the student body wants more school social events they need to comply with OHS policy of being appropriate and respectful in the way students act at the activity dance. This year’s class wants to plan as many social events as possible where, “students are the main control,” says Senior Class President and ASB class member Catherine Willard.

The best way to add social events to the school’s calendar would be to bring suggestions to the ASB class members themselves. “We want the students to discuss options [for social events] with us,” Weeks continues. “We are here to serve the students.” To serve the student body, they hang every poster in the hallways, send little notes of support to sports teams on game day, and speak at assemblies.

Often the student body doesn’t really know what the ASB Leadership class does. Junior Jordan McGuire, says, “I don’t really know [what they do, do] they help out with school dances.” The sad reality is that the OHS student body doesn’t know that ASB spends countless hours working for OHS representing the student body.  Though, in the past, ASB Leadership has not been perceived as the best representation of students but, this year they are definitely a brighter group of OHS students, as noted by their adviser Mrs. Costello, “These people are helpful, they give their time, they serve.” Judging the work they have done with homecoming and the upcoming Canned Food Drive, they are off to a great start. Every student should know that there is a class of thirty of their peers to help push the interests of the student body and make every students’ four years at OHS the best experience possible.

This year their main goal is to “change the culture of the school,” states Weeks. They want to make the school environment fun again, to bring new and exciting activities to the student body in a way that the school district will allow. The best way Olympia High School can help them succeed will be to support them just like they support the students.