Student Store Gets an Upgrade

Jonny Buehler

Jonny Buehler, Writer

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A brand new, expanded student store awaited Olympia High School students this year, leaving some students wondering if it was necessary. The expansion consists of a new entrance and an inner section to the store. While it looks better some students claim it’s less efficient. Senior Jake Ensberg says, “The smaller doors will only get in the way and make it harder to get through the store.” With the current budget cuts that are plaguing the school, many students wonder how this expansion could be afforded.


In the face of this negativity, Olympia High School’s Student Store Manager, Senior Jared Sjolin, claims that the new store isn’t just for looks, but serves some important functions. “The door closest to the main hallway is the entrance,” says Sjolin, “and the other is the exit. You don’t have to order from ticket windows anymore so it’s better for taller people.”

The construction process was split in two, with crews completing the job over six weeks, according to Sjolin. Though an initial structure went up in July, workers set the project aside and did not return until September with construction concluded the day before school began this year. Plans to expand the student store began last spring when CTE director Brad Hooper, approved the new layout.


A student store has been serving students at Olympia High School for over 30 years. It provides a variety of products from snacks and T-shirts to classroom essentials like laboratory goggles and planners. It was changed once before when the school was renovated in 2000. While some like Sjolin fully believe that the new store is useful, others will opine that it is unnecessary, especially when considering the school’s slashed budget over the last few years. However one feels on the subject one things for sure, Olympia High School’s student store is thriving.

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