The Art of Playing Hookie

Zach Campbell, Writer

            In the day and age of strict attendance policies, electronic check-in, and workloads so strenuous that missing a day means two days of playing catch-up, the art of skipping school has come to require great ingenuity and diligence.

            Maybe you’re too stressed, maybe too tired, maybe you need a full day of catching up on school, or perhaps you just need to take a mental health day, or a day to relax; whatever the reason, (and many are very commendable and excusable) the modern age demands some serious steps taken in order to not get caught and sentenced to an eternity in Mrs. What’s-her-name’s room of hell (detention).

Many students feel that an important first step in skipping school is choosing the day. Often it is in your best interest to find a day where not much is happening; i.e. no big tests (unless your goal is to miss the test) or lectures. This way the catch-up won’t be too terrible and it won’t dampen your spirits.

Another vital part to making your skip successful is to have something in mind to do, for it often makes for a boring, depressing day if you end up laying on the couch eating ice cream and watching reruns of your least favorite reality television show while you know your friends are at school doing something with themselves. For the person skipping due to stress, tiredness, or mental health, it is highly generative to take a walk through one of the many great nature trails we have in Olympia. It works wonders in clearing the mind and offers a quiet place for thought. Other nice, productive things to do on a day off include, but are not limited to: going out to lunch, catching up on schoolwork, drawing, painting, and reading.

Pulling it off gets tougher and tougher each year. Anymore, it is quite difficult to pull off the fake phone call, for the office workers often make a follow-up call to the house, many times to be intercepted by the parents. One anonymous Junior has to say, “I used to be able to skip with a simple call pretending I was my dad. No longer though, the world has gone to the dogs, man.” While a bit melodramatic, this quote really shows the harshness these school-skippers face today. The only foolproof ways to skip without trouble seem to be a parent call, or a doctor’s note.

Even though skipping has become difficult, for some students a day off from the grind is a necessity. However, it is always important to remember that one must be willing to be responsible if they are to successfully skip. While it may be fun, it is important to put forth effort into school and not let it take a backseat to the outside world.