San Fransisco Street Bakery holiday pastries

San Francisco Street Bakery brings holiday joy to Olympia



A look into the display of the delicious goods found at San Francisco Street Bakery!

Once the holiday season begins rolling around, the San Francisco Street Bakery provides holiday treats for its customers. The bakery’s original location on Bethel street (across from Roosevelt Elementary School) has been supplying Olympia residents with baked goods for over 30 years. The street bakery has a homey, wooden ambiance that welcomes customers as they step inside. The delish pastries are displayed behind a glass cover, making it hard to resist trying each treat. The bakery’s indoor and outdoor seating provides more people the opportunity to dine in.

Holiday treats available this year are the Christmas loaf, dark chocolate walnut cookie, gingerbread cookies, and pumpkin pie. Enjoy San Francisco Street Bakery Treats this holiday season