Tennis Team Serves Up A Great Season

Abbey Daniels-Brown, Writer

Girls of our OHS tennis team have been preparing and training for an eventful season of tennis this spring, and the time has finally come! Coaches, Don Craig and Connie Smith, have been working hard with our girls whether they’ve joined just to keep fit, meet new friends, or perfect their skills. After watching a skilled tennis player, Roger Fredrer, the sport seemed interesting to an anonymous freshman and she decided to give it a try. This girl took lessons at the Tumwater Valley and was able to learn the game and develop a passion for tennis. She looks forward to “interacting with others and play with teammates.”

Freshman, Julia Holder, is excited to play on this year’s team.  Holder tells the Olympus, “We have a great team and I’m ready to do my part and help this season’s team succeed!” Working hard at their practices everyday after school, the team was disappointed when the first match was cancelled due to rain but are excited to see what competition the other schools may bring.

Although at first glance it might seem like a simple sport of hitting a ball over a net, tennis is much more than that. Unlike basketball, where players can often go to them gym to shoot hoops, tennis players have multitudes of altercations standing in the way from the necessary practice. In the fall, Oly’s boy players take the courts, barely cutting the season short enough to avoid the incoming wet season. With winter comes rain, making our school courts a not-so-enjoyable venue for practice. Living in Olympia, the rain can stand in the way for months so the girls barely have time to squeeze in a few practices before it’s time for tryouts. Holder found a way to work through this problem, along with many others on the team, by practicing at local athletic clubs. “They’re the perfect places to practice in a nice area with great people,” she told us.

The girl’s look forward to another successful season on the courts and hope to luck out with the weather, avoiding another rained out match.