Rugby Rebels

Kat Graf, Staff Writer

Want to participate in a sport and not have to pay OSD fees nor have to get any physicals?  Then playing in a local “club” sport such as rugby is for you.  Rugby is a very popular, full club sport that is not run by the school district.  And, within this last quarter of the school year, rugby athletes got to enjoy more sunny and warm days than any other sports. Most club teams accept players all year round, and players often feel welcomed to these sports like a long lost friend.
The sport of rugby originally began at Rugby College, during a soccer game, when a player thought it would be a good idea to pick up the soccer ball and run with it to score.  Thus the game of rugby was born.  To the outsider it looks like a decades-old childhood game of “kill-the-man-with-the-ball”, but it is a bit more strategic than that, with two goal lines, players launching their teammates up in the air for a tip-off, and strategies like man-to-man and zones.
Rugby builds character, discipline, strength, perseverance and self-confidence among all who play it. Most of the girls on the Budd Bay team have been playing rugby for years. Budd Bay Rugby Football Club, is completely made up of girls from all ages and all different schools; some even go to Olympia High School. One of the girls on the Budd Bay Rugby Football Club, Senior Hannah Spencer, she has been playing rugby for four years now. When asked, “What is it about Rugby that makes you love it so much?” She answered, “It’s a sport that makes you want to get back up and keep pushing as hard as you can to keep going.” I then asked, “Are you planning on playing Rugby later on in your life?  Also, what would you tell about the sport to make someone interested in it enough to play it?” Spencer giggled and said, “Yes, I’ll be playing it at Western next year.  I would probably say that Rugby is a really unique sport so not many people play it, and the ones who do play it are a really great group of people so you get a whole family out of it.”
My final question for Spencer was to ask her what it means to her to be on a rugby team?  “Everyone on our team has everyone else’s back, so I’m never afraid to go into a ruck or anything because I always know I have my team behind me.” Hannah, along with several other girls that were asked the same questions, have expressed how fun it is to be a part of a rugby team and to play such a unique sport. It’s a wonderful sport and it creates a wonderful opportunity to be a part to something that gives you a different aspect on what it means to be an athlete and part of a team.