A Generation of Ballerz

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A Generation of Ballerz

Porter Kamerath, Writer

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Basketball. It’s a fun, intense, and competitive sport that takes cooperation and teamwork to get anything done, and good captains to lead the team to victory. This year’s seniors are excited for another awesome year, but it is also their last.

“I play basketball because I love playing on the team and contributing to something bigger than myself. It’s always fun to have people you can call brothers, on and off the court. It’s also really fun to play, something for me to focus on,” says senior co captain, Hunter Sype. Basketball is a great camaraderie type of sport, where everyone works together. Coach Kiley also continues with what Sype was saying, “I love the game, I think it’s a sport that’s technically a great game. There’s a lot of strategy to it, and if you can get twelve guys working together, and on the floor five guys to work as one unit, It’s a beautiful game.” When you play basketball, you work as a team to accomplish a common goal, which is to dominate your opponent. It’s fun and competitive, good reasons for the captains to have been playing for so many years.

“He’s been coaching us all the way from first grade, and all the way to eighth grade, and just last year when he came back.” Says the other senior co captain Luke Kiley. Through all that time, the two have created a real bond between them and the coach (in spite of the fact that the coach is Luke’s dad). They’ve been through a lot together.

But sadly all good things must come to an end.“It’s our last year and we try to give it our all everyday, working to the goal of a league championship, then a district championship, and ultimately a state championship. This is our last year, we gotta give it our all everyday,” says Kiley. Hunter also agrees with him, when he says, “All of our work from years of playing, is all leading up to this season, and I just wanna give it our all.” Everyone is hyped, they’ve got lots stuff on their minds, league titles, district, and state. “I’ve played for so long. So I just cherish every moment I get to play with my bro’s. I’m going to miss my brothers on the team more than anything It’s going to be hard to take my jersey off after our final game!” Says senior player Marcus Miller. They all want this to be the best year of basketball they’ve ever had, unified as a team and getting great titles, because it’s their last.

The seniors talk about some memories they’ve had over the years. Dayne Shafer talks about one of his favourite memories in high school basketball “Playing timberline last year when they hit a buzzer beater to send the game into overtime and then beating them in overtime was pretty memorable. The crowd was gigantic and super loud.” Marcus also continues with the Sumner High School game this year, “It was such a fun and crazy atmosphere. They’re bbd is hands down the craziest band in the state! They’re student section wasn’t half bad either but when we were playing them it was such a high energy game and so fun to be a part of. I had so much fun playing with my brothers and the bench was going crazy! Heck I think our student section was better then there’s! All in all it was so much fun and I’m so glad I got to be apart of it!” They’ve had good years and bad years, but they’re all happy they had this great experience.

Coach Kiley is also really excited for this year, “Yeah, this year, before they move on, I have super high expectations. We talk about a league title, and we’re pursuing that currently, and if we accomplish that hopefully a district championship, and I really think that we could win a state title… I hope they say that they have had one of the best experiences of their lives.” Coach is right, if it’s your last year after playing hard for twelve years, this is the year that it all comes down too, you should go out with a bang, and give everything you have. “I like our versatility, I think that we have a lot great athletes, and many of these athletes can do many different things. I also love the drive, I think they are kids that love to compete. When we have a game, I know that we have an army, that will go to battle. So yeah versatility and toughness,” continues Coach. From the way it’s been said, it sounds like our team is a force to be reckoned with, and they’ve got one heck of a year coming for them. I think that their goals are well within their reach, they just gotta work.

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