Bye, Bye Beattie

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Bye, Bye Beattie

Porter Kamerath, Writer

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If you’ve been around OHS then you know who Bill Beattie is. For twenty-two years he has been the head coach here at Olympia and has been loved, and appreciated for all those years. He’s made a huge impact on this school in many more ways than one but sadly all good things must come to an end. Coach Beattie took a job offer and is leaving OHS to go coach at Tumwater High School where he played football during his high school years.

“The biggest reason why I left is like a lot of people. Eight coaches on our staff are Olympia High football players and graduates. So the chance to go back to your alma mater is a pretty special opportunity.” Coach Beattie says. Since he has been a coach at OHS for the past twenty-two years, he has come to love it. The chance to go back to the school you graduated from is a really amazing opportunity for any coach. Beattie continues with, “Also Coach Otton who just left Tumwater, started his first year as coach at Tumwater back in 1974 when I was a freshman. He has been a true father figure for me, throughout my life, and really helped me out in my high school times when things were tough. So to come back and take over for him is really humbling and an honor for me.” Coach Beattie has big shoes to fill following Coach Otton, but the opportunity to live up to his role model was an opportunity that he just couldn’t pass up.

He may have made his choice to leave, but he stills feel very connected to OHS. “I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of people who grew to be friends, like a second family with coaches. It was really tough and emotional; it’s nothing I thought would happen twenty-two years ago. I never envisioned leaving. I thought that this was my last stop as a high school coach, and I never anticipated having this opportunity to go back to Tumwater,” Beattie says. This was a difficult decision for him. He has grown into this school, befriended all the coaches, and many players in the twenty-two years he’s been here. He chose to go to Tumwater in the end, but only after a lot of debating. He’s going to miss it here.

Emotions run high as Beattie decides to leave. Mr. Davis, a coach for Olympia High School football says, “You know it’s mixed emotions. I’m very sad to see him leave especially since I’ve coached with him for twenty-two years. He’s one of my best friends. But at the same time I’m very happy for him to be able to coach at his alma mater, which I’ve been able to do for twenty-five years. So in that aspect I am very happy for him.” Coach Davis is feeling upset that he’s leaving, and that he won’t be able to coach with him anymore. Also, he is happy for him. How would you feel if you saw all your friends able to coach at their alma mater and not you?

“He was able to create a culture that brought out the best in everyone. From the coaches to the players to the boosters everyone that came through the program received a top class experience and enjoyed there time as an Olympia Bear,” Says Mr. Schultz, a past player for Coach Beattie, and now a coach here at OHS. He later continues with, “he genuinely cared about his players. He might joke around with you and give you a hard time but at the end of the day it was nothing but love. He truly wanted the best for everyone in the program. He created a program that gave the players a lot of control and allowed for each class of seniors to design a unique but consistently solid environment. You could sit down and talk with coach Beattie about anything.” Beattie was a special coach; he made everyone feel comfortable, and cared about how you were doing. He wanted all his players to be the best that they could be. Through his hard work and caring attitude, he created fine men through his career, just like Coach Schultz.

“He just had this connection with the players. He was more of a brother figure to us, just someone we could lean on and talk to. I feel like whoever fills this position will have the same attitude towards us, and he’ll be there to help,” Junior Ben Pitney explains. “It’s a big loss but we’re going to get over it and we can’t count out our whole season just because our head coach left.” Ben feels that Beattie was a good coach that you could connect with. Even though Ben’s going to miss Beattie, life still goes on, we keep playing football, and we will recover from Beattie.

For the last couple of months, we’ve been searching diligently for a new head coach. Out of _____ contestants and lots of debating, the Olympia High School’s new head football coach is Coach Davis.

When asked how the hiring was done, Mr. Anchors says, “The application has one goal, that is to be as transparent and thorough as possible. We’ve done a nationwide search, went out to the state of Washington and Oregon sites specifically, and also the national athletic websites. We are going to have a tough process for applicants that come through, and we’re hoping for those that rise to the top afterwards will be a good candidate.” The school took this matter very seriously. They did everything they could to make sure we got an amazing replacement for Beattie, and it seems as if everyone is satisfied with Davis.

The students aren’t forgotten in this either. Here at OHS the student voice is very important and they took an important part in the selection of the head coach. “They’re some legal rules that the students can take part in. We do have a student panel that will have their own interview time with the candidates. We try to get as many students as possible involved were we can,” explains Mr. Anchors. “It’s awesome [Davis being the new head coach], for everybody I think. He’s a local and well known, he’s going to be good for all of us,” explains Junior Corbin Hartsock. He says that Davis will make an impact on this team, and he has no problems at all with this decision. The students had a voice where we could allow it. The students like the idea of Davis as the new head coach.

“I’ve been an assistant here for twenty five years, […] I understand the culture, the dynamics of the student athletes we have here at this school. I think I’m poised under pressure, I think I’m pretty organized, I’ve had a great mentor in coach Beattie. We’ve been side by side for the last twenty two years. I think that’s what prepares me to be head coach here,” says Davis. “First and foremost, I want every senior to graduate from high school, earn a high school diploma. I want to earn the academic state championship. […] I want to win the SPSL, and eventually win the state championship.” Davis is more than qualified to coach for us. He’s hard working, experienced, has learned a lot from Beattie, and cares for the team and it’s players a lot. He has goals to win state championship, but what’s more important to him is this team, and that every player is on the right path.

“They’re really similar [Davis and Beattie] in how they coach, but scheme wise they’re a bit different so there will be some good changes,” says Hartsock. The players are excited for the small differences in how we play, but also are happy that they’ll still be coached just as hard as Beattie.

When asked what changes Davis does plan on making, he responds, “We plan on throwing the ball a bit more, bringing back the stuff that was successful in the past […] It’s not a broken program, it’s a program that was left in great shape.” He plans on doing stuff that works. Making a couple changes here and there, like throwing the ball more, but nothing that the team can’t do.

We all have high hopes for Coach Davis, and we are all going to miss Beattie. No matter what happens we are going to remember the fun times we’ve had with Beattie, but also look to what comes next with this new head coach. We all look forward to what the future holds.


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