Teachers vs. students basketball game: teachers take the win


Maris Baird, Editor/Journalist

Last Friday students challenged teachers to an intense basketball game. Some of the teachers who participated included Mr. Grant, Mr. Schwartz, Mrs. Conklin, and Mr. Stevick. The students’ team featured Joslyn Kruse, Quinn Baker, Haelynn Kim, and Coen Cronk. 

Quinn Baker went head to head with his dad, Mr. Baker, adding another interesting aspect to the game.  Not only was it entertaining to watch, but also raised money for the canned food drive. The teachers dominated most of the game, with Mr. Gerrits and Mr. Stevick leading the team. 

The students fought back but the game ended in a win for the teachers, 26-20. A great effort was put forth by both teams and was a perfect display of excellent teamwork and sportsmanship.