Jobs VS Sports

Jonny Buehler, Writer

Olympia High school offers a variety of extracurricular activities, from sports to drama, but some students find more value in getting a job. Students can use a job to make money and gain work experience, or students can use school sports to stay in shape and experience being part of a team. There is value in both, but is one a better option than the other?

According to Senior Andrew Bymers, “A job is better because you get paid! Also you don’t get hurt doing your job most of the time. I get to meet a lot of people where I work. I just feel like I’m more a part of reality.” Some people feel validated by being part of the work force before others. Having a job now certainly can help in the process of getting a job later. Money is often the biggest factor in a student’s decision to have a job. Most high school students in the workforce would argue you feel more fulfilled coming home with a paycheck than a trophy. A job can also provide the experience of being part of a team as well as a sport can.

On the other hand, Senior Roland Yoo says, “You have your whole life to get a job, but this could be your only opportunity to be part of a team. A job at this point is usually a pretty boring thing, so why would you choose to dedicate part of your life to something like that when you don’t have to yet?” Students who think this way will often argue that being part of a sports team is something a person can carry with him/her their whole life. It’s something a person will most likely never forget. It’s easy to be nostalgic about the experience of being on a football team, but working a cash register is something most people would gladly forget. A sport can also be an excellent way to get in shape, which is hardly the case for a job. Sports like track and wrestling provide an incentive to stay healthy and active.

Whatever way students lean on the issue its impossible to point at one being better than the other. Both teach valuable lessons about diligence and working with others. Whether it’s a sport or a job, what’s important is that students are a part of something beneficial.