Teachers In The Halls, Eyes on the Stalls

Kai Chapin, Writer

Our generation is constantly evolving, coming up with new (and old) ways to keep the school on their toes, and OHS is taking action! Any student planning on comfortably vaping in the bathroom between classes now must throw away that comfort for hall passes, teacher suspicion, and being a member of the ‘frequent flyers.’ How likely are you to get caught? Students will always have questions and inquiries about policies, when is it all justified? These rules seemed relatively new to some of the students. “This is my 2nd year here and I’ve just started noticing the new harshness brought on the hallway rules. I don’t think I know all of them” Katie Mandt, a sophomore this year. To resolve some of the confusion, Mrs Welsh explains the frequent flyers list as the “students we are keeping our eyes on.” I’ve heard fellow classmates complain about the harsh expectations put on us by the staff, which intrigued me to ask about how you are put on this list, and what kind of treatment one can expect when on it. “Most of the time it’s from student reportings, or cameras in the outside of the bathrooms.” If the students are the ones calling it out, then can these rules be fairly ridiculed? Students are anonymously protesting the vandalism within the school while the staff gets all the whack. This starts to make you think about who we are blaming for our discipline, and who’s actually pointing the fingers. Aside from all of this drama, Mrs. Welsh sheds light on the bigger point to this all. “You can’t learn if you’re not in class. This is a place for learning, and in order to make it safe and clean in the bathrooms, we have to monitor them. That’s the big message.” It’s good to know that us students can feel safe and clean in our public school environment, and that our staff is working hard towards a better tomorrow. The next time you get stopped in the hallway, think about what your staff had to go through to get your name. This should help some of the anger and confusion from discipline reside.