Sending off the Class of 2022


OHS seniors Drew Packard, Colin Mortenson, Gannon Cooper, Lane Fuller, and Jonah Fisher have major senioritis and only have a few days left!!

Kameron Kandoll, Journalist

As Senior year for the class of 2022 slowly comes to an end, most of Oly’s seniors are excited to leave high school, but some are sad to see their high school experience be gone just like that. The class of 2022 was lucky enough to have their last year of high school be somewhat normal. It’s sad to see everyone all grown up and ready to start their own life. 

Senior Matt Olnick is planning on going to a two-year college, he wants to work and save money to potentially move out of state when he gets the chance. Olnick says “I am going to miss the welcoming environment Oly has provided and some of the really good staff members that work here” 

Senior Max Tuitele is attending Washington State University and majoring in either sports management or sports medicine. Tuitele says “The community in general and just being around at school every day,” is what he’ll miss most. He’s also going to miss messing around with his favorite staff members like Mullen and JC. 

Senior Lucy Skiles will be attending the University of Utah and is going to go into nursing school. She hopes she can graduate with a bachelor’s degree in science and nursing and after that she’s planning on being a pediatric nurse. She’s been a part of the swim team since she was a freshman and she states “I really enjoyed the experience of the postseason especially with all my teammates”.

Senior Lane Fuller is planning on going to Central Washington University to attend the Fire Science and Paramedic program to become a firefighter paramedic. His favorite senior memory was watching the boys basketball game at the Tacoma Dome. He says he’s going to miss his family and friends a lot.

Senior Ava Wolin is planning on continuing her academic and athletic career at Cal Poly. She wants to major in political science and hopes to become a lawyer one day. She says “I am mainly going to miss my best friends and I’m sad that I’m not going to be able to see them every day”. One of her favorite memories of her senior year was going camping with friends as a start to signify their senior year. 

Senior Jack Soderberg is planning to attend the University of Utah and he’s going to be studying business. He’s going to miss his class parents and his friends who he has gotten to know his whole life. Soderberg states “One of my favorite memories this year has got to be snowboard season with my friends and the state basketball game at the dome’. 

Senior Ryan Rutherford is also planning on attending the University of Utah and obtaining a major in psychology and a minor in communications. One of his favorite memories from senior year was playing football. He said, “This year felt different, and it was great competing with a young squad”. He is going to miss the community and the beauty of Washington.

Bridget Culley works in the career counseling center with Jen Boelts. She has stated that she is most proud and amazed with the quality of the seniors at Oly and is very impressed with the students. She loves to see that everyone is so hard working after everything that they have gone through these past few school years. 

To all the seniors at OHS, their experience came to them a lot faster than expected. This year might’ve been the most stressful year yet, but everyone is more than proud of the class of ‘22 for sticking through all these hard years and finally making it through to the end of their high school experience. Goodbye seniors, have fun, be safe, and make good choices.