Dear Oly… (Advice: Friends, Smoking, Guys)

Elizabeth Fela

Dear Oly: My best friend has been stealing from me. I noticed last year when she showed me some perfume her boyfriend “bought” her, which happened to be the same perfume I had “lost” a few days earlier. Then last week I put down a necklace during a sleepover, and when I couldn’t find it I checked her bag while she was sleeping and there it was. Yesterday I “lost” my favorite lip-gloss and later she conveniently “found” it when I saw it in her pocket. Should I confront her? Hope she stops? She can be really defensive and mean.    –BFF or BTT (big time thief)?

Dear BFF or BTT: I’m so sorry you have to deal with something like this, and understand that it can be very frustrating, especially since she won’t fess up. You can be direct with this by saying “Hey. Please stop taking my stuff. It’s not fair, and if you just ask I’ll let you borrow it.” But I have a question for you. Why do you even bother to call her your BFF? No one deserves to have things stolen from the, especially when their “friend” is the burglar! My advice is to dump the thief if she doesn’t agree to stop and find someone else worthy of your friendship.

Dear Oly:  A couple of my friends have taken up the habit of smoking and I’m tempted to try it too. My parents would KILL me if they ever found out though. What do you think I should do?      –Up in Smoke

Dear Up in Smoke:  No! No no no no no! Do NOT try smoking. Ever. Forget about the fear of your parents, smoking itself can kill you. Every day more than 3,000 teens start smoking and continue to be steady smokers in their older years. One out of five smoking teens smoke thirteen to fifteen cigarettes a day! Ew! Not only does smoking kill you, it makes people not want to be around you. Smoking makes you smell bad and tinges your teeth a disgusting yellow. Please do not give in to your curiosity, because that first cigarette can be the first of many. Also, don’t let your friends try to pressure you into smoking with them. Think of your bright future next time you get the urge to smoke, and remember that if you start, you may not have a future at all.

Dear Oly:  Sometimes I wonder why I don’t have any friends who are boys. Not a boyfriend, just friends who happen to be of the male gender. I want a good guy friend to go to for support that girls sometimes can’t give me. How can I make friends who are guys?    — Guy-Friendless

Dear Guy-Friendless:  To start off, you definitely do not need friends who are guys. Though I have to warn you to be very careful with high school guys: they really like girls, to put it lightly. If you are strictly just looking for a friend, you have to make sure you don’t lead him on, or even let him get the idea you are leading him on, because that could end badly. Though I must say that my best friend in the entire world is a guy, and it did evolve from us liking each other. For sure, our friendship is a lot different than if he was a girl. Making friends who are boys is not hard. Just be careful, and be yourself.