Spring Sports Displaced by Construction


Nora Waeschle

Construction workers have been working on replacing Ingersoll Stadium’s roof, as well as a half-dozen beams.

Nora Waeschle

Since Ingersoll Stadium was found to be unsafe in December, construction has closed the structure and displaced the OHS fans of spring sports and disrupted spring athletes.

Even with the construction, spring sports are working around not having use of the stands. “Since the stands are closed we haven’t been able to do any stair work, and at the start of practice we have to meet on the field instead of under the cover of the stadium. So we have to brave the insane weather of spring time in Oly without any protection,” says junior Chris Charles of his track practices.

Track is not the only sport without functioning stands; boys soccer also is compromised by the construction, forcing its fans to stand at the edge of the field instead of under the cover of the stadium.

Ingersoll proved to be rotting in December, and since then has been under repairs. Athletic Director John Amidon explains that, “Over the years, water has not drained properly and the last time the roof was done there were some problems. So, because of the failed drainage, the beams took on water and weakened some of them. So they are reinforcing the bad beams.”

Ingersoll was originally predicted to be in use again by the end of April, but Amidon says, “Because of the new damage they have found it probably will not be ready until the end of May.”