Cleanliness Campaign Sweeps OHS

Tyler Troutman

Tyler Troutman, Writer

Olympia High School has over 2,000 students and faculty with many visitors who travel around the building every day. With so many people, there is a lot of waste that can accumulate. Recently, students and staff have noticed that trash is not ending up in the trash can, rather on the floor or left on lunch tables. This February, students in Leadership kicked off the OHS Cleanliness Campaign, an ongoing operation aimed at cleaning up the OHS campus.

The Cleanliness Campaign was started to get students more aware about their trash, and to encourage them to pick up after themselves. At lunch, students often leave trash on their lunch tables, on the floor, or in the microwave.  Some students have expressed disappointment in their peer’s actions. Junior Sarah Boggs said, “I believe that the students at our school should by now know to be respectful towards our school.” While others don’t really think it’s a big deal, many feel it’s everyone’s responsibility to pick up their own garbage.

The Cleanliness Campaign will not be ending anytime soon, the Leadership class plans to continue this campaign for this year, and the years to come. Since the start of the campaign, Leadership has not seen the results they have been hoping for, however they are creating new ways to make it easier for someone to pick up their garbage, like more trash and recycle bins, and cleaning spray and towels at the microwaves. When asked about how students can help, Junior Adora Nwankwo replied, “Start caring, it’s really gross to walk down the school hallways and see trash, so take few extra seconds and make a difference.”

Since the start of the Cleanliness Campaign in mid-February, students have announced it on the daily bulletin and through posters around the school. The Leadership class wants to encourage everyone to pick up their trash and keep the school clean.

In addition to the Cleanliness Campaign, students in their 5th period classes will take about five minutes each week to go out to their hall, and pick up trash. As an incentive, Leadership has created a trophy called “The Golden Broom,” which is awarded to the classes with the best looking hall by Principal Matt Grant. Each week, there is a new recipient of the Golden Broom, and students are to compete to have the cleanest hall. The point of the trophy is to encourage people to care about their school climate.