A Trip To Remember

Abbey Daniels-Brown, Writer

For some students, adventure and vacationing trumps a summer of jobs, internships, or maybe even school but for others the break brings adventures, and vacationing! Students all around the school are preparing to pack their bags and travel, but the question is where to? Many are visiting the usual California and Oregon, spending time on the coast or meeting characters at Disneyland. Others visit the tropical islands of Hawaii, hoping to get their summer tan before school starts back up this fall.  Aside from these, Washington and surrounding states have a lot to offer when looking for an ideal destination point.

A unique twist to the average vacationing is a tree house resort: A Treesort! Treesort’s are a mix of camping and staying a hotel, where visitors stay in a house in the trees, getting the full Swiss Family Robinson feel, without the shipwreck and doom. While vacationing at one of these resorts the perfect opportunity to welcome your nature side opens up. Great activities offered at most Treesorts in the Northwest are painting, reading, writing, exploring and more! Often times massages and/or yoga are offered as well!

If looking for a more traditional take on vacationing, Washington has many great campsites, lakes, and more! A great, in-state place you’ll love, according to Freshman, Lauren Rightmier, is Lake Chelan! The water is clear, the camp sites are beautiful, green grass everywhere and lots to do! “I go to a cute little drive in restaurant by the lake every time I go!” Rightmier also adds, “You can also find great beach spots to lay out in the sun! There’s something for everyone!” She goes every year and would highly recommend the vacation, just remember to book your spots early to get your favorite!

Other great vacations are a trip to Spokane for shopping, biking, hiking, Silverwood and more! Or, if looking to travel farther than the surrounding cities and states, many students recommend Hawaii, California, and/or Florida for the tropical, good weather, eventful or relaxing vacation!

Don’t forget our good old Seattle and Wild Waves water park either, the perfect day trips to spend with friends or family!