School on the Weekends?!

Leo Brine, Staff Writer


Although it may be the weekend and school is out this doesn’t mean you can’t learn some new skills at the school. That’s right while you’re at home playing video games or hanging out with friends there is a group of hardworking students who come in every day of the week. These students come to the school to learn how personal finance and economics work so they can leave high school with some real world skills.

Junior Parker Jarman said, “I take the class for self betterment. I know the class will help me later in life with taxes and understanding how the economy works.” Both of these are very important skills to have and many adults don’t quite understand how to do either one. Parker later went on to say, “I know That this class will help and I think that more students should take it so we all can at least leave the school with this knowledge.”

However many students find coming to class on Saturday and Sunday to be more of a punishment than something you would want to do. Junior Dyako Gardi Says, “I wouldn’t come to school on the weekend under any circumstance. It’s just that I have stuff to do on the weekends that seems more appealing to me, like being with friends or doing homework. A class like this just seems like it would take up too much time.” Gardi’s opinion would seem to represent much of the schools opinion on going to school during the weekend.

Jarman brought up, “Yes the class is on the weekend and yes that can interfere with my social life, but I know that it will be better for me in the long run. Sometimes we can’t hang out with our friends but this will be something that sticks with us for a long time.” Senior Tim Xia says, “I like that it’s on the weekends. It doesn’t interfere with other schoolwork that I have. [And] I can usually work my social schedule around the class.”

Mr. Letourneu (retired) has been teaching the class since 2004 and has taught over 140 students for the weekend classes. “On Saturday we do Personal finance and on Sunday we do economics. Its important for people to know how personal finance and economics work because if they don’t the will run into lots of problems when they have to start paying taxes.” Mr. Letourneu is teaching the students how wills work, the variations on wills, taxes, living clause, mutuality clauses and many more things in world of personal finance.

The class is taught on Saturday and Sunday 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sometimes Mr. Letourneau will order a pizza and there is always something to snack on while you’re learning. The class is always a helpful and fun environment. Xia commented, “I like how we have stuff to eat and that its less like an actual school period and more like an elective or club… I think I owe Mr. Letourneu like $30 for pizza though.”

Though you may end up missing Tim with your friends or your virtual worlds, coming to school on the weekend just might help you later on in life. Besides what’s a few hours out of your weekend. You can understand how to do your taxes and remember if you don’t that could be jail time or the government could seize your property and personal belongings. So why not swing on by next weekend and see what’s going on, you never know what you might find out