The Coolest Thing

Belinda So

Emily Hadley, Staff Writer

The name of the high school game is to be cool and in order to be cool you have to have the the biggest, newest products. One of the biggest statements a student can make is with their phone brand. Among Olympia High School students, controversy surrounds the debate over which phone is the king of all smartphones. One argument is based on a innate social ambition for students to fit in. Senior Celena Bird observed, “Young kids all going to school together have the desire to be cool… to have what everyone else has is what drives things like what phone you have or how you do your hair.” Another senior, Brady Rehfeld, echoed this sentiment when he commented that each person actually thinks their phone is “the best.” Freshman Ciara McCall noticed students are always seeking out “the coolest thing to prove that they have the ability to obtain the best product” in order to improve their status among both friends and strangers.

The idea that the iPhone is the “best” phone was reflected in a survey done of Olympia High School students. About 60% of OHS students surveyed thought that iPhones were more popular among adults, but according to a study done by Pew Research in 2013, of the adults who owned a smartphone only 48% have an iPhone. The OHS survey also revealed that among students surveyed about 63% owned an iPhone. Freshman Ava Bruckenbury thought that this could be a reflection of how “iPhone accessories and apps appeal more to kids than adults.” McCall agreed, “Androids have more useful features that appeal more to adults than younger people.”

Senior Melissa Truong offered a unique perspective since she recently switched over to the Android after using an iPhone for the past six years. She reminisced about her first iPhone but in the end the new Samsung Note was too shiny to resist. Truong represents the minority because of the OHS students surveyed, 78% have stayed loyal to their phone type. When asked to compare the two phones Truong believed she made the right decision because of the flexibility to customize an Android. Rehfeld has also owned both phone types and thought that the operating system for the Android worked better than the iPhone. He later added, “Androids can do some of the same things and they’re much cheaper” and he’s not wrong. The average Android in 2013 cost about $276, whereas the average iPhone cost about $650. Granted, your data plan, phone carrier, and numerous other factors will play a role in how expensive your fancy new smartphone costs but the question about who has the coolest phone goes beyond price.

There is no debating that Apple has not only endured the test of time, but come out the other side viewed as a superior brand. Don’t underestimate the power of the Android though, because the phone’s popularity is no doubt on the rise. Through the cloud of social pressures, a champion of status quo will be crowned – who will you be rooting for?