Drink Up, OHS

Astrid Hoover-Batt, Staff Writer

The students are Olympia High School are thirsty. But they aren’t just looking for anything to satisfy their desires, we want something good. But where does one get their daily fix of caffeinated yumminess? Luckily for you, I’m here to tell you the pros and cons of our most well-loved coffee joints.

It’s delicious, hot, addicting, and so, so typical. Starbucks has been the place of choice for us northwesterners for a long time now, and for good reason–especially around this time of year. Holiday cups combined with the myriad of Christmas drink choices the splash all over every red sign in their store makes the option of Starbucks almost irresistible at times. Not only that, but it’s reliable. Everything is the same all the time, and nothing will ever change–ever. And if you’re willing to pay six bucks for a triple shot half caf no whip extra foam caramel macchiato, it might not be worth it, but it sure will be pretty dang tasty.

Then of course we have the exclusively drive-thru coffee shops in town that make it easy when you’re going to school or just simply don’t want to exert the effort to get your butt out of your seat. A quick comparison between the popular Capital Perks and not-so-well-known Dominick’s. Most expensive? Capital Perks. Most wait time? Capital Perks? Accessibility based on distance from OHS? Capital Perks. Punch card deals? Same deal (every ten drinks). Better drinks? They basically have the exact same menu with the same taste and quality. Cuter cups? Capital Perks, again.

But if you want the real hidden gem of this town, try driving twenty minutes to a little place in Lacey called Dutch Bros. If you don’t know about it, go. Now. Their drinks are unique and highly caffeinated, and the customer service is uplifting to say the least. If you’re looking to get in a much better mood, drive up to one of the friendly windows of this place and the employees’ upbeat attitude and excitement about their job will make you smile like Starbucks never will.

The bottom line? Starbucks: if you see one and you want coffee, grab a wad of cash and go. Perk’s and Dom’s? Go on the way to school. Dutch Bros? If you want something to do, not just something to drink, make this the place you spend your precious gas money going to.