OHS gets an F in Lunch

Britnie Monaghan, Writer

“Is this seat taken?” This is one of the many questions OHS students are asking during lunch. “There isn’t enough room for everyone to sit; some people sit on the ground or outside,” states Junior Victoria Porraz. There is no denying that OHS has a lot more students than we can hold! Being that there is a huge amount of students, it can be difficult to get around, let alone in the lunchroom. “It’s so annoying!” exclaims frustrated Sophomore Grace Young. It seems like every year the lunchroom continues to be crowded, and with 500 incoming freshman this year (which is the biggest Freshman class so far) it doesn’t help. As the amount of students grow, it makes it harder to find a place to sit. “It’s sad because sometimes my friends can’t find a table so we just walk around,” admitted Porraz. For many, it becomes a race to the lunchroom to claim a table and chairs for everyone in your group.

Then, there is the lunch line. “If I don’t wait in line, they run out of food!” exclaims Young. The lines are getting longer, which leaves you with less time to eat lunch. Many students, like Young, say it takes them at least 5-10 minutes or longer to receive their lunch. Also, by second lunch, there doesn’t seem to be enough food for everyone. To fix this issue, some students feel that OHS should have more than two lunches to even out the number of students in each lunch. “I really think that it would help, considering that we are a big school. People would actually be able to sit down,” states Porraz.

For some students, lunch can be intimidating. You walk into the crowded lunchroom not knowing anyone and are expected to hunt for a chair and somehow find a table to sit at.

Yet others have used the crowded situation to meet new Bears. For instance, Junior Victoria Porraz found a warm welcome among the crowd. “I had English and this girl came up to me and introduced herself. She asked me who I eat lunch with and I said I ate by myself, so since then we ate lunch together!” At lunch there are plenty of opportunities to make friends. Now that Porraz is on her second year here at OHS, she has returned the favor and has invited other people that were just like her. “I invited this girl that I had multiple classes with and I noticed that she would walk around during lunch instead of sitting down and eating. Now we eat lunch together every day!” The next time you see someone eating alone at lunch, make them feel welcomed to the school and invite them to sit with you.

As to the harried problems mentioned by other students, lets hope the school has not yet done the best they can.