The Dinner Heard Round The World

Meagan Smith, Writer


Let’s be real, by the time you’re done completing those college classes where you have no idea what’s going on and spending years paying off those student loans because college is ridiculously expensive, you’ll be too broke to travel the world and do anything fun with your life (sigh). However, no need to worry! On April 28th, OHS Rotary Club hosts their annual International Dinner where you can experience flavors from around the world. What’s a better way to travel the world than letting your taste buds go on an adventure? Be a part of this fundraising event and you can discover the world by food.

From Chipotle and Meconi’s to Lemongrass and Olive Garden, you can find many of your favorite restaurants catering at this event. People wait excitedly in line to fill their plates with food. With the line of people extending out the door, it’s probably the most agonizing 30 minutes of your life patiently waiting as the delicious aroma of food intoxicates you. You can’t help it when your stomach growls hungrily in anticipation of devouring it all. With the spicy flavors of Mexican cuisine to the variety of dishes with an Italian flare, and the rich flavors of the Far East that melt in your mouth, you can’t leave without trying a little bit of everything. Just when you think you’ve had enough, you go back for seconds… And then thirds… and then you see that table of desserts calling your name and that chocolate cake you just can’t live without… You won’t leave hungry, that’s for sure. So instead of sitting home alone and watching Netflix, come join in all the fun. Sophomore Ciara McCall says, “It’s a really incredible experience and a super cool cause, plus, the food is awesome.”

Make sure to come early (and with an empty stomach) as students, parents, and locals come from all over Olympia participate in this wonderful event that celebrates different cultures from around the world. Not only is the food outstanding, but you’ll also be amazed by the entertainment. While you enjoy your meal, you will be enthralled by outstanding performances highlighting various cultures, some of which are done by the talented students of OHS. From Irish dancing to the melodic rhythm of the Chinese oboe and even belly dancing, it’s a great night of entertainment, delicious food, and a wonderful opportunity to help out your community. It’s an event you don’t want to miss out on!

This year Rotary will donate the proceeds of this event to the Tronie Foundation. Club Vice President Junior Rachel Hodes explains, “We decided to donate to them because they’re an organization that is already really closely connected with the school. Each of the founders has incredibly powerful stories about their own experiences with slavery and human trafficking that we wanted to help share and support.” So, by donating a few dollars, not only will you be getting a delicious meal, but also you’ll leave content knowing you helped support a good cause.